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English Cake Duo - The perfect cake for your birthday or event.

Board sizes
37 people: 49 x 49 cm
50 people: 60 x 60 cm
77 people: 70 x 70 cm (according to picture)
142 people: 80 x 80 cm

The cake is available in "classic" flavours. Please select your desired flavour when ordering. A description as well as pictures of the different flavours and their layers you may find underneath the main picture.

Each tier of this English cake consists of 10cm styrofoam dummy cake and 5cm real cake.

The prints are coloured and consist of natural raw materials and food colouring. The files need to be in JPEG format and between 1-3MB in size. The photo prints' colour and resolution may deviate from the originals and the photos in the internet as we work with food colouring. The photo print Kontura (on the top tier) is not included in the cake's price and additionally costs Fr. 45.00. Please upload your desired Kontura photo when ordering. Please send us all remaining photos via e-mail to kundendienst@confiserie.ch.

2-tiered for 37 people: 12 photo prints (11 x 6 cm)
3-tiered for 50 people: 16 photo prints (11 x 6 cm)
3-tiered for 77 people: 21 photo prints (11 x 6 cm)
4-tiered for 142 people: 32 photo prints (11 x 6 cm)

At 5-8°C in the fridge.

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