Hüppen Confectionery

Hüppen Confectionery

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Hüppen Confectionery - Gift box filled with 24 Hüppen.

Hüppe is a rolled up confectionery pastry. It is filled with finest hazelnut Gianduja and belongs to the waffle family. The speciality of this pastry lies in the processing of the Hüppe dough, as it is rolled hot right after baking as the pastry only hardens after having cooled down. This elaborate and traditional manufacture requires a lot of diligence. 

Bachmann Hüppen are produced using raw materials of the highest quality. For the filling we use the finest and most expensive chocolate, a pure Gianduja. It completes this crispy pastry and at the same time makes it tenderly melting. They are especially well-liked together with coffee, tea or hot chocolate, but of course also just on their own. Recently, they are also often served as a lifestyle product together with champagne. Hüppen are very popular as a gift or souvenir as they are heat-resistant and well suited for travelling.

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