Logo-pastry Star 6 x 6 cm

Logo-pastry Star 6 x 6 cm

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Nutty Treat Star 6 x 6 cm - A speciality from Bern, also known as hazelnut Läckerli, however, not to be confused with the Basler Läckerli. It consists of hazelnuts, honey, egg white, almonds and spices and appeals to our clients time and again.

You may choose between heat-sealed and heat-sealed with bow. The selection of all available bow colours you may find here. Please select your desired bow colour when ordering.

Size logo print
2,5 cm diameter

The print is coloured and consists of natural raw materials and food colouring. Files need to be in JPEG format and between 1-3MB in size. The logo print's colour and resolution may deviate from the original and the picture in the internet as we work with food colouring. For the production of a new template additional one-time print costs of Fr. 90.00 apply. If you already ordered a print template in the past you may use that same template without being charged for one-time printing costs.

Minimum order quantity 
30 pieces

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SKU G755-N
Shipping options Post delivery, Mond-Express, Delivery Switzerland, Pickup
Gross weight 28g
Production time in days 13
Shelf life in days 40
Net weight 15g
Low season production time 1