Chocolate CD

Chocolate CD

CHF3.19 per piece
incl. VAT 2.5%
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Chocolate CD - Made of finest Swiss milk chocolate.

Minimum order quantity
20 pieces

- 12 cm diameter (fits into a regular jewel case)

If you order the chocolate CD's with jewel cases, please provide the right amount of covers already cut to the right size.

If desired the chocolate CD's come in jewel cases. These can either be purchased from us (Fr. 1.00 / piece) or you may send us your own jewel cases. Otherwise, your chocolate CDs can boxed without wrapping, heat-sealed and heat-sealed with bow. If you order your CD's with jewel cases, we can offer you grease-repellent release paper for Fr. -.30 per CD.

CD with print
The production of a new template requires tools and a cliché. The one-time share of costs (guiding price) for the production of a cliché is Fr. 450.- and Fr. 1400.- for the tools. A minimum of 20 moulds need to be ordered. The moulds costs Fr. 55.- per piece. Depending on the size of order more than 20 moulds might be required. If there is already a suitable print template from a previous order, we can of course use that one. The template will be stored for three years. In that case the one-time costs for cliché, tools and moulds won't be charged. Due to the high one-time production costs, we recommend to use the template several times and for large editions.

We are very happy to advise you regarding the order of chocolate CD's either at or by phone at 041 227 70 70.

More Information
SKU G867
Shipping options Post delivery, Mond Express, Bachmann Lieferservice, Pickup
Necessary for shipping Fragile
Gross weight 80g
Production time in days 13
Shelf life in days 90
Net weight 50g
Low season production time 1