Engadine Walnut

Engadine Walnut

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Engadine Walnut - Tender walnut praline made with our traditional walnut marzipan.

Minimum order quantity
5 pieces

You can find all the information about the different praline types here.

More Information
SKU 30338
Shipping options Post delivery, Mond Express, Bachmann Lieferservice, Pickup
Gross weight 12g
Production time in days 0
Shelf life in days 45
Net weight 100
Low season production time 1
Kilojoule / 100g 2345.0
Calories / 100g 564.1
Fat / 100g 41.0
Ø + hereof: saturated fatty acids 8.6
Carbohydrates / 100g 37.6
Ø + thereof sugar 30.8
Dietary fibre 2.9
Protein / 100g 8.4
Declaration Mit UZT-Zertifiziertem Kakao. Baumnusskernen 45%, Zucker, Marzipan (Zucker, Mandeln, Wasser, Glukosesirup), Fondant, Kakaobutter, Kakaomasse, Vollmilchpulver, Glukosesirup, Feuchthaltemittel (Sorbit), Magermilchpulver, Butterreinfett, Emulgator (Sojalecithin), Aroma, Vanille
Information for allergy sufferers
Enthält Soja, Milch, Hartschalenobst (Mandeln, Walnüsse) Kann Spuren von Hartschalenobst (Haselnüsse) enthalten