Sustainable chocolate

To create unique moments of indulgence, we focus on the highest quality for our Bachmann chocolate. The sustainable cultivation of cocoa and fair treatment of farmers are fundamental components of our strategy and an essential part of our philosophy. In order to achieve our ethical goals, we work together with the Central Swiss company Max Felchlin AG. Together with Felchlin, we implement various projects to give cocoa farmers in the countries of origin a better future.


To ensure that our chocolate meets our high standards in terms of flavor, we pay attention to every detail in the process from cocoa bean to chocolate. Every cocoa delivery is tested for its sensory properties and the subsequent processing is also carried out according to meticulously thought-out procedures. Traditional and modern process technologies are combined to gently develop the best possible aroma from the raw material.


There is neither an intermediary nor an exporter in the supply chain - our partner Max Felchlin AG sources the raw material directly from the cocoa farmers. Thanks to this direct cooperation, we know the local working and production conditions and are committed to ensuring that cocoa can be produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Another advantage of this direct contact is that we can clearly define where our cocoa beans come from and who was responsible for their cultivation. In order to promote this commitment in the long term, we rely on long-term contracts and thus also secure the income of future generations of farmers and producers.

Social commitment

Together with Max Felchlin AG, we are committed to providing healthcare in the cocoa origin. Many families still do not have access to professional, basic health care, but thanks to Elucid this is set to change. The cocoa producers visit a doctor when necessary, send the bill to Elucid and this organization then pays the costs for this doctor's visit. In this way, Elucid acts as health insurance for cocoa farmers and their families. With this solution, we prevent or reduce out-of-pocket expenses for the farmers, thereby combating poverty and enabling better health. The payment flows and the health and socio-economic impact can be tracked transparently and in real time via a digital platform.