Buying bread is a matter of trust

While nature provides us with all the ingredients we need to bake great bread, it is our passion for craftsmanship that creates the authentic taste of bread. Thank you for your trust!

A combination of the finest raw materials, a passion for craftsmanship and plenty of time is used to create exceptional quality bread. Bachmann bread has a very special aromatic and authentic flavour – making every bread unique!

A bakery steeped in tradition and innovation

When it comes to the art of baking, a deep sense of tradition goes hand in hand with our desire for innovation. For the past 120 years, we have remained true to our aim and focused on craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Our primary objective has always been to handle raw materials carefully, to prepare high-quality ingredients, and to consistently offer our customers unique taste sensations through our exquisite products and expertise. Our secrets to baking have been passed from generation to generation. The values expressed through our daily actions and the responsibility for our fellow human beings bind us all – since the days of our company founder to his great-grandchildren today – and ensure that you are able to continue to enjoy a consistent level of quality in good conscience.

“The finest raw materials, passion and plenty of time = quality.”

We are aware of our responsibility to provide our customers with a healthy source of nutrition

Every day, the bakers at Bachmann demonstrate how bread can also be a sensuous experience and contribute to a healthy diet and thus quality of life.

Great bread needs a great team

A perfectly coordinated team is needed to ensure our customers are able to enjoy “simply great” bread. From weighing out the ingredients and preparing a pre-ferment to finishing, resting and baking the dough, every step of the process requires the utmost precision and must be performed at precisely the right time. Read on to find out everything from what makes our bread “simply great” to the purity law, slow baking and vacuum baking.