Loyalty Card

As a loyal and estimated client you benefit from exclusive discounts with the Bachmann loyalty card. Discounts are directly subtracted and stated on the receipt. You find your current balance on the receipt, which is always handed to you. Furthermore, the handling of payments is much faster. Additionally, you benefit from added value whenever you recharge your card and receive loyalty points for every purchase.

Discount on your purchase at Bachmann

  • 6 % on all coffee drinks
    (does not apply to discount offer Café Crème & Croissant)
  • 6 % discount on all teas
  • 4 % discount on Pain Paillasse bread
  • 4 % discount on the home time bread (Füürobig)
  • 2 % discount on baguette sandwiches
  • 2 % discount on all salads
  • 5 % discount on all Water Tower Stones

Added value when recharging your card

  • for Fr. 100.– your receive 1 % added value, hence Fr. 101.–
  • for Fr. 200.– your receive 2 % added value, hence Fr. 204.–
  • for Fr. 300.– your receive 3 % added value, hence Fr. 309.–
  • for Fr. 400.– your receive 4 % added value, hence Fr. 416.–

Loyalty points

With each product purchase using the Bachmann Loyalty Card you receive one loyalty point for every full Swiss franc (orders excluded). The points accumulate and the current total is stated on your receipt. You can use your loyalty points to purchase the following products in our shops:

for 400 points - Coffee of your choice or Pain Paillasse of your choice or Guardian Angel 1pc. Box
for 700 points - Lucerne pear pastry
for 800 points - Guardian Angel 3pc. Heart
for 900 points - Keep Cup (refill cup)
for 900 points - Guardian Angel 4pc. Box
for 2200 points - Guardian Angel 12pc. Heart
for 2600 points - Guardian Angel 16pc. Gift Box

Order card

The card is available in all our Bachmann shops free of charge and without obligation. If you wish to surprise someone with the popular Bachmann card in form of a gift, you also have the option to order it online. If you wish to order the Bachmann card for your personal use, please order the card using your own details.

Keep Cup

With 900 loyalty points you get a free Keep Cup (refill cup) worth CHF 9.80. In addition to the loyalty discount you also receive a CHF 0.30 discount on coffee or tea to go while at the same time you are saving the environment.

Original Keep Cup

  • free from toxic substances like BPA, phatalates, PVC and polycarbonates
  • keeps hot beverages warm for around 20-30 minutes
  • completely recycable
  • saves the environment
  • lasts for up to four years and 1000 fillings
  • comes with a silicon band for heat protection
  • fits into almost any cup holder in cars and on bicycles
  • is truly very, very light