2pc. Grüessli Rosette Screen Print

2pc. Grüessli Rosette Screen Print

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2pc. Grüessli Rosette screen print - Grüessli made of best Swiss chocolate. White, milk or dark chocolate filled with praline cream nougat. Screen printing has a very high resolution and a good contrast. An individual screen has to be produced for each colour. The chocolate's taste is not affected by the screen print. Screen printing is ideal for larger editions (50 pieces and more). The one-time printing costs are higher than those for photo printing and the price depends on the number of colours needed.

- Grüessli: 4,8 cm diameter
- Print: 4,8 cm diameter

1,4 cm

Size: 11,5 x 6 x 2,2 cm
Bottom: beige
Lid: transparent acetate

You may choose between acetate box with bow and acetate box without bow. Please select your desired bow colour when ordering.

The print is coloured and consists of natural raw materials and food colouring. Files need to be in JPEG format and between 1-3MB in size. The logo print's colour and resolution may deviate from the original and the picture in the internet as we work with food colouring. For the production of a new print template, additional one-time printing costs will be charged. If there is already a suitable print template from a previous order, we can of course use that one and the one-time printing costs won't be charged again.

One-time printing costs
- 1-coloured: Fr. 380.-
- 2-coloured: Fr. 580.-
- 3-coloured: Fr. 780.-
- 4-coloured: Fr. 990.-

Minimum order quantity
80 pieces

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SKU G672
Shipping options Post Versand, Mond-Express, Delivery Switzerland, Pickup
Gross weight 100g
Net weight, g 60g