Coffee & Tea In A Thermos Jug

Coffee & Tea In A Thermos Jug

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We provide a thermos jug with hot water or coffee. The thermos jug with hot water comes with tea bags. The thermos jug's content serves a maximum of 25 cups of tea or coffee. The thermos jug is a rental item and is included in the price. We kindly ask you to return the thermos jug on the agreed date. Please also select the store at which you would like to return the thermos jug.

Coffee (made with lever coffee machine) 16cl
English Breakfast Tea 20cl
Green Tea with Mint 20cl
Rose Hip 20cl
Lemon Verbena 20cl
Earl Grey Superior 20cl
Green Tea Gunpowder No1 20cl
Rooibos Bourbon 20cl
Camomile 20cl
Symphony of Fruits 20cl

Including disposable cups, sugar and cream

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