Guardian Angel ® 16 pc.

Guardian Angel ® 16 pc.

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Schutzengeli 16s Mixed
16 pieces of inspiringly light crunchy truffles in four different flavours.
The packaging is filled with four each of milk, dark, caramel and strawberry Schutzengeli truffles. 
A speciality that comes from the heart
Our Schutzengeli are not only fine crunchy truffles, but also convey very personal messages: "Good luck!", "Stay healthy!" or simply "Thank you". So the Schutzengeli are not only a culinary delight, but also give you the precious feeling that someone is thinking of you. So we all need a Guardian Angel now and then. Or two... or three.
Each of our guardian angels is handmade and unique. Our chocolatiers lovingly roll each Guardian Angel by hand in selected, aromatic nuts and the best Swiss milk chocolate. The crispy wafer brittle is filled with a melt-in-the-mouth praline cream. The combination of these exquisite ingredients gives our Schutzengeli a very special note and a noble aroma.
Every year, at least 20,000 Swiss francs of the proceeds from the sale of the Schutzengeli truffles, lovingly produced by our chocolatiers, are donated to the Bachmann Foundation. In this way, 100% of the donations flow back into those countries where many of our chocolate specialities originate. Gourmets like you thus become real guardian angels. And we as the Bachmann family can give back a part of our happiness. Let us fly together!
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Shelf life in days 91
Net weight, g 220
Kilojoule / 100g 2459.0
Calories / 100g 587.0
Fat / 100g 45.4
hereof: saturated fatty acids 19.8
Carbohydrates / 100g 41.3
thereof sugar 37.3
Dietary fibre / 100g 3.3
Protein / 100g 6.9
Salt / 100g 0.1

Filled with 4 truffles each of milk, dark, caramel salé & strawberry. Sugar, hazelnuts 22%, cocoa butter, almonds, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, butter wafers(wheat flour, sugar, butter), hazelnut paste, vegetable oils and fats, cocoa nibs, freeze-dried strawberries, skimmed milk powder, humectant (sorbitol), butterfat, whey powder, soy flour, yoghurt powder, cocoa, barley malt extract, water, emulsifier(soy lecithin, rapeseed lecithin), fleur de sel (sea salt), flavorings, paprika, table salt, acidifier (citric acid), vanilla.

Vegetarian Vegetarian
Information for allergy sufferers
Gluten, wheat, barley, soy, milk, nuts (edible nuts), almonds, hazelnuts