Specialties Square 10 pc.

Specialties Square 10 pc.

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Platter with 10 Specialities.

The production of our Original Lucerne Lebkuchen is being cultivated since four generations. The traditional baked good consists to a large part of Central Switzerland fresh cream and pear syrup. The lebkuchen spices are a well-kept secret that lend our lebkuchen a pleasant and light flavour. Our Lebkuchen has a shelf life of 7 days. 

Pear Pastry
The Lucerne Pear Pastry is a traditional baked good and a speciality from Central Switzerland. Thanks to the especially high fruit content of back country Lucerne pears, Bachmann pear pastries are true vitamin bombs and a healthy snack. Grandfathers spice mix, consisting of cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg and a hint of aniseed, creates a great tasting but also refreshing taste experience. Our pear pastries have a shelf life of 7 days. 

Little Water Tower
Enjoy a piece of "Lucerne" with this delicious baked good with almonds. An exclusive speciality from our confectionery world champion Juliane Bachmann. The Little Water Tower has a shelf life of 30 days. 

Platter size
27 x 27 cm, disposable

At 5-8°C in the fridge.

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