Paillasse Rustic Sliced

Paillasse Rustic Sliced

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1 x Paillasse bread rustic (cut in 20 slices)


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Paillasse rustic sliced.

We make the original Pain Paillasse according to an old recipe and with a lot of patience. Under the crispy crust hides a light and airy interior with over 80 flavours.
Only when the dough has been allowed to rest for 48 hours is it turned by hand into a Pain Paillasse - Switzerland's most popular bread.

The sliced Paillasse goes perfectly with our cheese and meat platters as well as with mini salads.

Single order without plate/basket only packed in box.

Minimum order quantity
open from 20 slices per variety
in units of 20, 20, 40, 60, ...

Approx. 18g per tranche

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Weizenmehl, Wasser, Weizenmalzflocken, Haferflocken, Sesam, Roggenschrot, Meersalz, Sonnenblumenkerne, Leinsamen, Roggenmehl, Gerstenmalzmehl geröstet, Hefe, Gerstenmalzmehl

Information for allergy sufferers
Gluten, Weizen, Roggen, Gerste, Hafer, Sesamsamen