Specialties Basket 16 pc.

Specialties Basket 16 pc.

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Breadbasket with 16 Specialities.

The production of our Original Lucerne Lebkuchen is being cultivated since four generations. The traditional baked good consists to a large part of Central Switzerland fresh cream and pear syrup. The lebkuchen spices are a well-kept secret that lend our lebkuchen a pleasant and light flavour. Our Lebkuchen has a shelf life of 7 days. 

Pear Pastry
The Lucerne Pear Pastry is a traditional baked good and a speciality from Central Switzerland. Thanks to the especially high fruit content of back country Lucerne pears, Bachmann pear pastries are true vitamin bombs and a healthy snack. Grandfathers spice mix, consisting of cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg and a hint of aniseed, creates a great tasting but also refreshing taste experience. Our pear pastries have a shelf life of 7 days. 

Little Water Tower
Enjoy a piece of "Lucerne" with this delicious baked good with almonds. An exclusive speciality from our confectionery world champion Juliane Bachmann. The Little Water Tower has a shelf life of 30 days. 

The rental of the basket is included in the price. We kindly ask you to return the basket on the agreed date. Please select the branch office at which you would like to return the basket.

Breadbasket size
24 x 34 cm, rental item

At 5-8°C in the fridge.

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