Water Tower Stone® 4 pc.

Water Tower Stone® 4 pc.

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Water Tower Stone © 4pc. - Lucerne's culinary landmark. Enjoy a piece of irresistible praline art! A handmade speciality with noble kirschwasser filling, tender almond biscuit and Gianduja, doused in Swiss chocolate. It is a true delicacy and since many years ranks among the great Swiss specialities.

The different legends, claims, mix-ups and myths about the history of the Water Tower are evidence of the significance it always had for the city. The stony fortress with its coloured tiled roof fascinates everyone and forms a picturesque contrast to the Chapel Bridge that almost playfully leads across the water. This special building was built around 1400.

Gift box with the flavours de Luxe light and de Luxe dark. Please choose the desired combination when ordering.

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Included is a booklet about the history of Lucerne's culinary landmark in German and English.

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SKU 33304
Shipping options Post delivery, Mond-Express, Delivery Switzerland, Delivery local, Pickup
Gross weight 235g
Shelf life in days 20
Net weight 184g
Kilojoule / 100g 1442.4
Calories / 100g 344.8
Fat / 100g 17.5
Carbohydrates / 100g 41.2
Protein / 100g 4.4

Kirschwasser 36% (Wasser, Zucker, Kirsch 40Vol.%), Zucker, Vollei, Weizenmehl, Haselnüsse, Kakaomasse, Kakaobutter, Pflanzliches Fett gehärtet: Palm RSPO-Zertifiziert, Wasser, Vollmilchpulver, Fettarmes Kakaopulver, Butter, Kartoffelstärke, Sojamehl, Magermilchpulver, Butterreinfett, Backtriebmittel: (Dinatriumdiphosphat, Natriumhydrogencarbonat), Pflanzliches Öl: Sonnenblumen, Emulgator: Sojalecithin, Gerstenmalzextrakt, Aroma, Vanille. kakao 33% mindestens in der Milchschokolade, Kakao 51% mindestens in der dunkle Schokolade

Information for allergy sufferers
Enthält glutenhaltiges Getreide (Weizen, Gerste), Eier, Soja, Milch, Hartschalenobst (Mandeln, Haselnüsse)