Butter Stollen Cake

Butter Stollen Cake

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Butter Stollen.

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The Butterstollen or Christstollen is a typical Christmas pastry whose history can be traced back over 600 years. In its origin, the Christstollen points to a Christian meaning. In its shape and with its sugar crust, this pastry is the symbolisation of the Christ Child wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Christian legend tells how this pastry shape came into being. The shepherdesses, who were hurrying to the manger to see and adore Jesus, suddenly thought of the loaves they had forgotten in the oven at home. Mary comforted them: When wrapping the Christ Child, she had thought of those loaves.

That is why a Christstollen must be wrapped lengthwise around its centre, like a baby in its nappies.

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Shelf life in days 89
Net weight, g 500
Kilojoule / 100g 1653.0
Calories / 100g 395.0
Fat / 100g 17.9
hereof: saturated fatty acids 8.8
Carbohydrates / 100g 50.7
thereof sugar 33.7
Dietary fibre / 100g 0.0
Protein / 100g 5.5
Salt / 100g 0.4

Wheat flour, raisins, butter, marzipan 10%, water, sugar, succade (cedar fruit, glucose syrup, sugar, acidulant (citric acid)), almonds, clarified butter, yeast, candied orange peel (bitter oranges, glucose syrup, sugar, acidulant (citric acid)), lemon peel paste (sugar, lemon peel, flavoring), rum, whole milk powder, glucose syrup, salt, mace flower

Information for allergy sufferers
Contains cereals containing gluten (wheat), milk, hard-shelled fruit (almonds)May contain traces of soy