Panettone Classic

Panettone Classic

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Panettone Classic

Manufactured according to the original recipe and with a great deal of technical skills. This traditional baked good is juicy and excellent in taste. Thanks to the dough's long resting period of over 3 days, this is a baked good of exceptional quality, which is unmatched even in italy. A natural product without preserving agents.

This Milanese speciality is traditionally eaten during Christmas time. There are various stories about the panettone's origins. Here is one of them:

In the year 1490 a young knight named Ughetto from Milan was in love with the baker's daughter Adalgisa. The differences in social status did not allow marriage. Thus, without further ado, the enamoured Ughetto started working as a baker's assitant at the bakery of Adalgisa's father Antonio. However, business was getting worse and worse. Ughetto had an idea and secretly supplied the baker with precious ingredients like butter, sugar, dried grapes and candied fruit.

The baker Antonio started to become creative and created a special sweet and airy bread and soon became rich and respected. Now, nothing stood in the way of a marriage between the two young lovers.

From then on, this wonderful baked good was called «pane di Toni», which later on turned into today's name panettone.

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Gross weight 520g
Production time in days 0
Shelf life in days 88
Net weight 500g
Low season production time 25
Kilojoule / 100g 1669.0
Calories / 100g 399.0
Fat / 100g 19.3
Ø + hereof: saturated fatty acids 10.1
Carbohydrates / 100g 48.3
Ø + thereof sugar 28.5
Protein / 100g 7.7
Salt / 100g 0.1
Declaration Weizenmehl, Rosinen 15%, Butter, Eigelb, Kandierte Orangeschalen 11%, Rohrzucker, Wasser, natürliche Hefe, Honig, Milch, Emulgator (Mono- und Diglyceride von Speisefettsäuren), Kandierte Zitronenschalen 1%, Salz, Vanilleschoten
Information for allergy sufferers
Enthält glutenhaltiges Getreide (Weizen), Eier, Milch Kann Spuren von Soja, Hartschalenobst enthalten