The First Spelt Home Time Bread

The First Spelt Home Time Bread

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The Home Time Bread, a hearty Lucerne spelt farmer's bread, baked following a traditional recipe. The dough rests for over 14 hours before it is piece by piece worked by hand. Created with 100 % natural ingredients.

Our bakers bake following these purity requirements:

1. We bake our wheat, rye and spelt bread using a natural pre-ferment.
2. The salt in our bread is exclusively 100 % natural and raw sea salt.
3. For our doughs we "revive" and vitalise our water using Elisa energy systems (spring water character). 
4. 100 % natural! Our ingredients stem exclusively from natural raw materials.
5. The majority of our bread and bread rolls are enriched with Goldkeimlingen (shoots).
6. For bruised grain and whole-grain bread only best quality grain is used. 
7. Since four generations we bake following traditional recipies and well-tried baking methods!
8. All of our bread is hand-made. Enjoy the difference!

More information you find at Reinheitsgebot and Mehr-Wert-Brot - Your additional value for health and indulgence!
Vegan, lactose free.

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SKU 10180
Shipping options Delivery Switzerland, Pickup
Production time in days 0
Shelf life in days 1
Net weight 440
Kilojoule / 100g 1055.7
Calories / 100g 251.7
Fat / 100g 1.3
Ø + hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.2
Carbohydrates / 100g 48.5
Ø + thereof sugar 1.0
Dietary fibre 3.0
Protein / 100g 10.0
Salt / 100g 1.6
Available MO-FR ab 15.00 Uhr SA-SO ab 12.00 Uhr
Consumption recommendation am Kauftag konsumieren
Declaration Wasser, Urdinkelmehl IPS 29%, Weizenmehl, Roggenvollkornmehl, Meersalz, Roggensauerteig, Gerstenmalzextrakt, Hefe, Gerstenmalzmehl
Spelt product Spelt product
Lactose free Lactose free
Storage bei Raumtemperatur
Vegan Vegan
100g / Price 1.10
Information for allergy sufferers
Gluten-containing grain (wheat, rye, barley, spelt)