Purity Requirements

“Nine-tenths of our happiness depends on our health alone!” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Bachmann’s added-value bread is the result of such wisdom and the fact that you are what you eat. Bachmann bakes added-value bread in line with the following purity requirements:

  1. Bachmann’s wheat, rye and spelt bread is baked with a probiotic natural pre-ferment. This promotes healthy gut flora and makes Bachmann bread much lighter and easier to digest. 
  2. The salt in our bread is 100% natural sea salt. Unlike regular salt, sea salt contains vital minerals and trace elements, and is also a natural product.
  3. For our doughs, we “revitalise” and strengthen our water according to the GRANDER® method, thus giving it a spring-like character. 
  4. 100% natural! The ingredients that make up our dough are sourced exclusively from natural raw materials. 
  5. Many of our loaves and bread rolls are enriched with germinated spelt seeds. 
  6. Only the best coarse grains and finest meal are used for our coarse-grain and wholemeal bread. 
  7. Four generations of bakers have been putting their heart and soul into baking according to traditional recipes and tried-and-tested, lengthy baking methods – we take time for your health! 

Bachmann bread

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