Bachmann – since 1897

In 2017, Confiserie Bachmann is celebrating its 120th anniversary. In 1897 Anton Bachmann took over the Bäckerei Stadtmühle in Sursee (in the picture below) and thus laid the foundation stone for today’s success story.

And this is what was happening in 1897:

  • Foundation of the Bäckerei Bachmann.
  • Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel on the Prater was taken into operation.
  • A one-kilo loaf cost 38 rappen.
  • The “Goldvreneli”, the most wellknown gold coin in Switzerland, came into circulation.
  • The invention of the diesel engine.
  • The first Swiss football championship was held.
  • The first “Lucerne Daily” newspaper was published and set the course for the media landscape in Lucerne.
  • The novel “Dracula” was published.
  • The Boston Marathon was the first marathon outside the Olympic Games (with 15 athletes taking part).

Think pink – the history of a colour

We were already pink before the colour was associated with sweet things and, unlike today, in an age where no man would voluntarily carry a pink bag. Nevertheless, we stuck with it and simply put up with people’s indulgent smiles. Today, people envy us for our consistent, long-term colour marketing. A five-year-old boy was asked by his mother: “Did you see the funny pink car drive past?” Even though he could not read, he knew immediately: “Mum, do you mean the Bachmann car?” And he is right. Pink is not pink, pink is BACHMANN. Everybody knows that!

Evolution of a culinary brand