Sustainable cocoa

The UTZ label assures the sustainable farming of cocoa, coffee, tea and hazelnuts with the support of renowned brands. Confiserie Bachmann products therefore contain UTZ-certified milk chocolate – allowing you to enjoy them in good conscience.

The UTZ sustainability programme for cocoa supports sustainable local farming. Cocoa farmers are trained in professional agricultural practices and farm management. A balance between productivity, product quality and efficiency is achieved in order to produce larger quantities at a lower cost. To encourage farmers to take part in the UTZ programme, participation is free; they also receive a premium for their harvest.

What does the programme entail?

UTZ works with NGOs, governments and buyers on providing targeted measures to support cocoa farmers and promoting responsible production methods with respect to people and the environment:

  • Appropriate and moderate use of fertilisers and pesticides
  • Appropriate pay and accommodation for plantation workers
  • No forced child labour
  • Access to health care and further education
  • Protection of the environment and conservation of resources

For a better life

The UTZ programme helps make cocoa farmers more independent, allowing them to negotiate a better price for better produce and thus improve living standards for themselves, their workers and their families. This also secures a better future for subsequent generations.

UTZ offers manufacturers the assurance of responsible production practices and the opportunity to credibly demonstrate this to consumers. Chocolate products from the Confiserie Bachmann are therefore made from UTZ-certified chocolate.

Eine Welt, in der Bauern gute landwirtschaftliche Praktiken anwenden und ihre landwirtschaftlichen Betriebe mit Rücksicht auf Mensch und Umwelt gewinnbringend führen. Eine Welt, in der die Industrie in nachhaltige Produktion investiert und sie wertschätzt und in der Verbraucher die Produkte, die sie kaufen, mit gutem Gewissen genießen können.

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