Future talent

Every day, 48 trainees take great pleasure in their work. Being a traditional yet forward-looking company, Confiserie Bachmann bears a responsibility towards these youngsters and for providing the best possible professional training for the next generation.

Basic training for the young and motivated as well as advanced training for professionals is essential to personal development, self-satisfaction and economic success.

A challenging opportunity rather than an obligation

Besides offering high-quality professional training, Confiserie Bachmann also promotes personal development, individual responsibility, and social and methodological skills. Trainees work independently in teams, learning how to integrate and cooperate, practice and understand workplace etiquette, deal with praise and criticism, and share and exchange information. To help trainees reflect upon what they have learnt, regular team meetings, courses and events are held. For at Confiserie Bachmann, training is primarily seen as an opportunity rather than an obligation. After all, working with young people is formative and fun.

«While training isn’t everything, everything is nothing without training!»

Nevertheless, companies wanting to hire the best need to train the best!

On a professional level, tasks are assigned according to the suitability, capability and character of a trainee: friendliness, personal achievement potential, discipline, perseverance, concentration and attention to detail. Confiserie Bachmann is proud of the fact that several trainees from various trades have already received an honourable mention. Such commendations make the sheer effort and enjoyment involved all the more rewarding. They also act as an incentive to continue being amongst the best!

Integrating people with disabilities

Integrating people with disabilities

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do an apprenticeship. People with disabilities have a particularly difficult time. Which is why we have their interests at heart and have been helping them for over ten years now. An endeavour that has more than paid off by highlighting many a potential talent for the future!

Looking for an apprenticeship?

We offer training in the following professions:

  • Baker-patissier
  • Patissier-confiseur
  • Retail specialist (Swiss federal VET diploma, EFZ)
  • Retail assistant (Swiss federal vocational certificate, EBA)
  • Administrative employee

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