Innsbruck Alpine

Innsbruck Alpine 110 km 2023

The Innsbruck Alpine 110k is a challenging ultramarathon race that takes place in Innsbruck, the capital city of the Austrian state of Tyrol. The race covers a distance of 110 kilometers (68.35 miles) and includes a total elevation gain of 5,500 meters (18,044 feet).

The course takes runners through some of the most beautiful and rugged terrain in the Tyrolean Alps, including parts of the Zillertal and Stubai Alps. The race starts and finishes in Innsbruck's historical town center and takes runners on a circular route through the mountainous region surrounding the city.

The Innsbruck Alpine 110k is considered one of the most challenging ultramarathons in Austria, requiring participants to have a high level of fitness and endurance. The race takes place each year in mid-June and is open to runners from all over the world.