Eiger Ultra Trail 2023

Eiger Ultra Trail 101 km 2023

Eiger Ultra Trail 101KM  6700HM  2023
my racing time 21h 43
Grindelwald Switzerland

Athletes at the start 619
DNF 196
Finishers 423
my global rank 245th
my gender rank 205th
my cat rank 18th

3 running stones UTMB

The Eiger Ultra Trail E101 is a prestigious trail running race held annually in the Swiss Alps. The race covers a distance of 101 kilometers (62.7 miles) and includes a challenging elevation gain of 6,700 meters (21,980 feet). It starts and finishes in Grindelwald, Switzerland, taking participants on a breathtaking journey through the iconic Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau mountains.

The Eiger Ultra Trail E101 is known for its technical terrain, with sections crossing glaciers, rocky trails, alpine meadows, and steep ascents and descents. Runners must be physically and mentally prepared to face the demanding conditions and unpredictable weather of the high mountains.

The race attracts both professional and amateur trail runners from around the world. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the stunning Swiss landscape while testing one's endurance and pushing personal limits. Participants have a maximum time of 26 hours to complete the E101 course, making it a true test of stamina and determination.

The Eiger Ultra Trail E101 is part of a larger event that also includes shorter race distances, such as the E51 (51km) and the E35 (35km), catering to runners of different abilities and preferences.

Overall, the Eiger Ultra Trail E101 is an ultimate challenge for trail running enthusiasts, providing a memorable experience in one of the most picturesque and challenging mountain settings in the world.