Toast with chocolate filling

Ingredients (for 4 toasts)

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    8 slices of toast or braided loaf from Bachmann
    2 large chocolate bars (50 g)
    1,5 dl cream
    4 eggs
    1 pinch of salt
    1 sachet vanilla sugar
    30 g sugar
    60 g clarified butter
    powdered sugar

    Preparing Toast with Chocolate Filling

    Cut the chocolate bars into small pieces, melt in a water bath, add 30 ml of cream, stir until smooth, leave to cool at room temperature. Spread the chocolate mixture onto one side of each slice of toast and form four sandwiches, put them in the fridge. Mix eggs and salt using a whisk, add the remaining cream, sugar and vanilla sugar, stir well. Heat a little clarified butter in a frying pan. Soak the sandwiches in the egg and cream mixture, then fry them golden yellow on both sides. Shortly before serving, slice them diagonally and besprinkle with a little bit of powdered sugar. Serve warm.

    Tip: this way, old bread can be turned into something delicious and flavourful.