Vanilla ice cream in a bed of bananas

Ingredients (serves 4)

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    4 shortcrust tart shells (10 cm Ø)
    2 bananas
    300 g vanilla ice cream
    30 g almond slivers, roasted
    1 dl cream
    120 g dark chocolate, finely chopped
    whipped cream as garnish

    Preparing Vanilla ice cream in a bed of bananas

    Heat the cream, add the chocolate, stir until smooth. Place a shortcrust tart shell on each plate. Cut the bananas into 4 cm long pieces, distribute them on the shortcrust shells, creating a little dent in the middle. Place a scoop of ice cream on top of the bananas. First, evenly pour the lukewarm chocolate on top, then sprinkle with the almond slivers. Optionally, garnish with whipped cream, serve.

    Tip: glazed almond slivers: heat 2 sachets of vanilla sugar and 1 tsp. of water in a frying pan, add the almond slivers, roast them golden brown while stirring constantly, scatter on a baking paper, leave to cool.