Panettone dessert in a glass

Ingredients (serves 4)

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    1 small panettone from Bachmann (or leftovers)
    50 g cream
    200 g mascarpone
    200 g crème fraîche
    1 sachet vanilla sugar
    40 g sugar
    200 g mandarins (without seeds)
    1,5 dl Grand Marnier
    1 (organic) orange, zest

    Preparing panettone dessert in a glass

    Mix cream, mascarpone, crème fraîche, vanilla sugar and sugar until smooth, with a whisk beat to a thickish cream. Cut 2 to 3 thin slices from the panettone, around 8 mm thick, cut out four stars with a cookie cutter and put them aside for decoration. Cut the rest of the panettone into small pieces. Peel the mandarins, cut the slices lengthwise in half. Fill the panettone pieces into the glasses, drizzle with a little Grand Marnier, place the mandarines on top and cover with a little bit of the cream. Repeat these steps until the glasses are full, ending with the cream, put them into the fridge. Before serving, toast the panettone stars golden yellow and place them on top, garnish with mandarin- and orange zest.

    Tip: for children, create the dessert using a full-bodied orange syrup.