Lucerne Chügeli-Pasteten - Lucerne puff pastry with creamed meat


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    300 g pork meat for ragout (e.g. shoulder), lean ca. 2-3 cm sized cubes
    300 g veal meat for ragout (e.g. shoulder), chopped as described above
    600 g veil sausage meat or ready-made "Chügeli"
    300 g champignon mashrooms
    150 g currants, cover with rum
    3 onions
    3-6 cloves of garlic
    1-2 apples (e.g. Berner Rosen, suitable for cooking)
    black pepper, crushed
    stock cube (optionally additonal sauce cubes)
    2 cloves
    2 bay leaves
    2 dl Madeira
    2 dl cream
    1 dl red wine

    Preparing Lucerne Chügeli-Pasteten

    Season with: nutmeg, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, sherry, chives, paprika, pepper, pinch of sugar. Add apples and currants when serving. 

    Slightly flour the pork and veal meat, which you have previously seasoned to taste. Then gently fry it together with the chopped onions and garlic in oil/butter until golden brown. Deglaze with Madeira and cream, then add sufficient water and the stock cube, bay leaves and cloves. Leave the meat to simmer until almost done, add the chopped mushrooms and sausage meat/"Chügeli", add seasoning. Let everything stand over night. Let currants stand in rum over night as well. 

    Briefly heat the above filling. Finely dice the apples. Ca. 5 minutes before you start serving, add the apples, currants and rum to the filling. Optionally add seasoning. Preheat the puff pastry in the oven at 100-120 degrees for ca. 15 minutes. Lift the lid of the puff pastry and pour in the filling, put the lid back on and serve. Small puff pastries can be filled up to the very top, larger ones should only be filled up to 2/3 of their height, otherwise the pressure for the wall of the puff pastry might be to high. Each guest holds on to the wall of the puff pastry and cuts out a piece. With a ladle, filling from the inside of the puff pastry is poured over the piece that was cut out.