The culinary world of Easter

Birds are chirping happily again early in the morning, warm rays of sun are be-ginning to tickle your nose and crocuses are poking their tiny heads up above the soil to see what’s going on: when spring arrives and nature starts to wake up again, Easter is just around the corner. 

Confiserie Bachmann, the well-estab-lished family company with 120 years of experience, comes up with innova-tive, exquisite chocolate creations time and again. When Easter comes round, they serve up their creations of fanci-ful, funny Easter bunnies.

They range from traditional, classic rabbits to cool bunnies, such as bunny minions or star bunnies – made with loving care by hand, the chocolate bunnies are an ab-solute highlight both in terms of looks and taste. All the trendy bunnies come into the Confiserie Bachmann specialist stores four weeks before Easter and are available while stocks last.

Chocolate bunny and Easter

Easter is said to be named after Ostara, the ancient Greek goddess of dawn and spring. It no doubt also has something to do with the East, the direction from which the spring sun rises higher and higher. Easter is not just a religious feast celebrating the resurrection of Christ. At Easter, we celebrate life and enjoy melting moments with chocolate bunnies.

Wie entsteht ein Bachmann-Osterhase?