Bachmann ice cream

You can tell at once it’s home-made. Its texture is airy and creamy – an unmistakable quality characteristic. In the warm months, it is produced fresh every day using Italian methods and recipes. This distinguishes Bachmann ice cream from any other and makes it exceptional and exquisite.

Only high-quality ingredients such as fresh milk from the canton of Nidwalden (exception: sorbets) and genuine fruit purée are used in production. The delicious sorbets consist of up to 55 per cent fresh fruit purée and contain less sugar than conventional ice cream. Before being frozen, all compositions are subjected to a 24-hour maturing process at 3°C. This results in the unique Bachmann texture and full-bodied taste. Bachmann ice cream is light and wholesome and has the lowest possible fat content for this unique taste experience.

With this natural, fresh ice cream, Bachmann has been able to gain great popularity in recent years and has brought Italian taste and southern flair to Lucerne. With the generous scoops, diverse range and irresistible taste, it appeals to ice cream lovers of all ages. Over the last few years, Bachmann has extended its customer base with clients who have become genuine fans of the brand.

Bella Italia - Bella Bachmann!