Caramel Flan


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    6 tbsp. sugar
    1 dl water
    5 dl milk (3.8% fat content)
    6 tbsp. sugar
    1 vanilla bean
    4 eggs (whisked)

    Preparing Caramel Flan

    1. Melt the sugar in a pan at medium heat.

    2. Deglaze the liquid caramel with water and let it reduce to about half its volume.

    3. Pour the caramel sauce evenly into the flan moulds.

    4. Heat milk, sugar and the cut open vanilla bean in a pan. Scrape out the seeds from the bean and afterwards remove the bean.

    5. Whisk together the eggs and, while stirring constantly, carefully pour in the warm (not hot) milk.

    6. Place the flan moulds in a perforated steaming tray and pour the milk-egg mixture into them.

    7. Place steaming tray into steamer and steam at 90° C for ca. 25 minutes.

    8. Leave to cool after steaming, optionally put them in the fridge. Carefully free the flan from the flan mould at the rim and then flip it. The moulds don't need to be covered with tin foil or anything like it. Condensate, that potentially forms at the rim of the moulds after steaming, will easily be "absorbed" by the vanilla mousse. The caramel sauce can also be bought ready-made.