The world of desserts – The fabulous sensation of a patissier’s creation

Looking for a special cake for a special occasion or simply a fine dessert for an evening with friends?

The crowning glory of any celebratory meal is without a doubt dessert. Our fabulous cakes are lovingly made with great care and attention from only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our aim is to create the perfect cake exactly to your liking – both in terms of taste and appearance – while at the same time making quality and freshness our top priority. In doing so, we use only the finest raw materials and completely avoid the use of chemical additives, preservatives and artificial flavours.

Special cakes

We will be only too happy to advise you in person at our Tribschen production site at Werkhofstrasse 20 in Lucerne. Please call to arrange an appointment in advance. All cakes can, of course, be ordered via our website.

A party without a “Bachme” cake is just a meeting.

Our cake brochures
Over 500 special cakes! Shipping cakes, flip cakes, birthday cakes, photo cakes, shaped cakes, marzipan figures and all kinds of cake decorations.

Over 150 different wedding cakes, table decorations, cake flavours and appetiser ideas as well as a price list, order form and tips.

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