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    200 g spelt or whole-grain cookies
    50 g butter
    720 cream cheese (Philadelphia)
    1/2 vanilla bean
    150 g sugar
    25 g flour
    1 lemon zest
    5 eggs
    1.75 dl cream
    1.75 dl milk
    1 pinch salt
    produces: 1 springform 24cm / 12 pieces

    American Cheesecake

    Butter a springform 24 cm diameter or line it with bakery release paper at the rim and base.

    Finely crumble the cookies into the springform. Evenly distribute the 50g of butter over the crumbles and prebake at 180°C in a fan oven.

    Mix the cream cheese (Philadelphia) with the vanilla seeds (scraped from bean), sugar, flour, lemon zest and 5 egg yolks.

    Bring cream and milk to a boil and mix with the cream cheese. Stir well.

    Beat egg whites and salt until slightly fluffy and mix in well with the rest. Texture is very liquid. Important: do not beat the egg whites until stiff, otherwise the cake will inflate too much.

    Carefully pour the liquid mixture into the springform.

    Bake at 160°C in a fan oven for 75 minutes. Let it rest for 8-10 hours before serving. Store in the fridge.