The melt-in-the-mouth “Bachmes”

Freshness, select ingredients and artisan chocolatiers make all the difference.

“Compromises are for relationships – not for chocolate!”

This is the motto we abide by when selecting the ingredients for our melt-in-the-mouth Bachmann pralines – which are freshly prepared by hand every day on the premises according to traditional recipes. We dispense with preservatives in favour of flavour and freshness. Bachmann’s unique quality is thus a culmination of outstanding freshness, select ingredients and artisan chocolatiers. 

We are thus able to make our ganache for example with fresh cream and butter, and to keep our truffle fillings soft and creamy. This is only made possible by the fact that our pralines and truffles go straight from our confiserie to our specialist stores, i.e. from hand to mouth. Indulge in Bachmann’s incom-parable and unique pralines made from carefully sourced in-gredients and experience the fine difference. Choose from an assortment of over 36 different truffles and pralines.

Pralines made from the world’s best chocolate

The Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani brought together renowned chocolatiers from Italy to take part in a series of blind tastings to compare the world’s finest chocolate for pro-fessional chocolatiers. Our “Claire” milk couverture achieved a record result, winning gold for the world’s best milk chocolate.

The couverture was awarded gold for its irresistible milky flavour, creamy velvety feel on the tongue, appetising red-dish-brown colour and delicate, long-lasting melt. We are passionate about great chocolate.