Slow Baking – The proof is in the dough

Industrially manufactured bread is leading to more and more complaints of stomach pain due to the dough being proofed too quickly. Bachmann bread clearly exceeds the magic four-hour rise time. This gives our bread more flavour, keeps it fresh for longer and makes it easier to digest. The proof is in our added-value bread! 

According to a recent study published in the “Journal of Functional Foods”, proofing dough too quickly is why industrially manufactured bread causes stomach pain after eating.

A matter of maturity

We all know that a good red wine or a hearty cheese needs time to mature. But only few know that the same applies when baking bread. In order to release its unique aroma, bread must first undergo a long maturing process. The slower and more gentle this maturing process, the finer and more well-developed the aroma of the bread. The time given to allow the dough to rest also has a positive effect on the texture of the crumb and crust. Plenty of rest and skilled handiwork give the bread its natural, light pores and soft, crispy crust.

Bachmann loaves and bread rolls are made with home-made natural sourdough. This gives the bread a fine aroma and enables us to reduce the yeast content. Research shows that the valuable lactic acid bacteria in the sourdough are much better for the human body than yeast.

The result: Slow-baked loaves and bread rolls not only taste better and stay fresh longer, they are also much better, much lighter and much easier to digest for the stomach!

Bachmann’s slow baking technique:

  • Long proofing and resting periods (up to 48 hours)
  • Carefully selected natural raw materials and the finest ingredients
  • A return to the traditional art of baking
  • High-quality recipes and sophisticated baking methods

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