Legendary – Lucerne pear pastries

Made from yeast dough with crunchy walnuts or from shortcrust pastry with juicy sun-ripened sultanas. Thanks to the especially high fruit content of Lucerne hinterland pears, Bachmann pear pastries are packed with vitamins and thus a healthy snack.

Grandfather’s spice mix – a blend of cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg and a hint of aniseed – creates a delicious but also refreshing taste sensation. As with all Bachmann specialities, we dispense with preservatives in favour of natural flavour.

The creation of Lucerne pear pastries

The numerous fruit trees in the Lucerne hinterlands blessed the farmers with a rich fruit crop. Not all of this fruit could be sold. To avoid having to sustain losses, the farmers either dried the fruit or left it to dry in the sun. In late autumn, the women would create a fruit mixture from this dried fruit, roll it in dough and bake it all in the oven using the residual heat from baking bread. This has now become a regional speciality and is made all year round. Cut into pieces and spread with a thin layer of butter, Lucerne pear pastries are a fine delicacy for breakfast, for elevenses or with coffee or tea.