A tradition – Lucerne “Lebkuchen”

Over the last few decades, the original Bachmann Lucerne “Lebkuchen” has become the ultimate Lucerne pastry speciality, made exclusively from natural ingredients. Of this we can be proud. The traditional pastry is largely made of fresh cream from Central Switzerland and concentrated pear juice from the amstutz Manufaktur in Rothenburg.

The original recipe has been passed down through the generations and also contains a special “Lebkuchen” spice mix made according to a well-guarded secret recipe. A supreme culinary delight and one of Switzerland’s greatest pastry specialities. Our Lucerne Lebkuchen are often served as a dessert with semi-whipped cream.

The creation of Lucerne “Lebkuchen”

Farmers in the Lucerne hinterlands made an outstanding perry from the pears. As the must only had a limited shelf life, the farmers came up with an idea for preserving it. The excess must was condensed into pear honey and served by the women as a spread for breakfast or an accompaniment to parboiled potatoes and cheese. 100 litres of must produce approx. 4 kilogrammes of thick, strongly flavoured pear honey. The concentrated pear juice was also used with flour and a home-made spice mix to bake “Lebkuchen”, especially around Christmastime. For elevenses or a light evening meal, the pieces of “Lebkuchen” were spread with soft butter or doused with light pouring cream.