Organic – recipes defined by nature

The basic principle of organic farming is to work with the natural environment.

When making organic products, special attention is paid to maintaining maxi-mum quality and preserving valuable ingredients. No unnecessary colours or flavours are added during the process. Great bread takes time! Which is why Confiserie Bachmann uses a long fer-mentation process and traditional bak-ing methods. This also helps to ensure maximum preservation of all nutrients and vitamins.

Bachmann organic bread represents the highest quality, full flavour and envi-ronmental awareness all in one. Indulge with a good conscience. Bachmann bread – the taste of health!

“Bio Härdöpfel” (organic potato)

Of all the sources of vegetable protein, potatoes have the highest percentage of valuable protein with a high biolog-ical value. This value is a measure of how well absorbed protein from a food becomes incorporated into the proteins of the body. Potatoes are rich in vitamins B1, B2 and C.

“Schlaumeier” (cleverly organic) bread with chia seeds

Baked by clever clogs for clever clogs! Not only is high-fibre, pure rye bread (without wheat flour) perfect for health-conscious gourmets, it is also very low in saturated fatty acids. Chia seeds are extremely rich in antioxi-dants, proteins, dietary fibres, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids (over 18 g/100 g). Even the ancient Mayans used chia seeds as a staple food and remedy.

“Bio Bachme Rogge” (organic rye)

A rustic, tart bread, baked according to an ancient Swiss mountain farmer’s rec-ipe. “Bio Bachme Rogge” gets its tangy, full-bodied flavour from natural, organic rye sourdough, which is left to rest for 12 hours. The bread is baked directly on a hot stone slab and stays fresh and crispy for a very long time. This bread is the perfect accompaniment to cheese. Taste the difference!

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Home-made tea –  organic, of course!

For those who love organic products and sweet weak tea, we have just the thing in the form of our home-made organic teas. These teas are freshly brewed, refined and bottled in our bakery. In addition to their natural flavour, both teas are extremely low in sugar.