Revolutionary taste – Vacuum baking

Crusty bread that stays fresh for longer, is highly nutritional and rich in vitamins: Vacuum baking makes it possible!

Zentralschweizer Unternehmen revolutionieren den Brot-Weltmarkt

The secret to vacuum baking

In addition to offering a unique taste sensation, the vacuum baking process also optimises freshness and extends the time baked goods remain crisp. The technology also helps to better pre-serve the vitamins, trace elements and nutrients in bread. “It all comes down to sheer physics when vacuum baking,” says Raphael Bachmann, master baker and CEO of Confiserie Bachmann.

And here’s how it works

The process is based on the laws of nature. When baking, the heat from the oven generates water vapour in the bread. During the so-called gelatinisa-tion process, the structure of the baked good changes from dough to bread. Since water already begins to boil at a low temperature (from 10°C) under a vacuum, vacuum baking can form part of the baking process without the appli-cation of heat. Anyone who has tried to boil a three-minute egg at over 2,000 m above sea level knows the law of phys-ics. Since heat is no longer required for vacuum baking, ingredients are less susceptible to damage. Vacuum-baked products have a longer shelf life and stay fresh for longer, as less water is able to evaporate. This makes chemical baking agents and volume enhancers superfluous, and paves the way for highly nutritional bread free from e-numbers and rich in vitamins.

“Every health-conscious customer should taste a slice of our vacuum-baked bread!”

Generally suited to all types of bread and baked goods

Bachmann vacuum bakes all of its products – even its certified organic bread. “We want to be able to offer our customers this added value in all of our products,” says Raphael Bachmann. Which has led to the purity law. “Our customers should know what Bach-mann stands for and the added value we have to offer. After all, buying bread is a matter of trust.”

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