Pain Paillasse® – The Swiss favourite

What is Pain Paillasse®?

Pain Paillasse® Original is a traditional bread made from care-fully selected wheat flour, natural yeast and pure water, with a typically elongated and twisted shape. This bread is known for the especially long fermentation time of the dough, which is then shaped by hand. Besides the ingredients and recipe, it is primarily the expertise and careful work of the baker that enable the production of such a unique bread. Pain Paillasse® is characterised by its caramelised, thick, crispy crust and the honeycombed texture of its crumb.

A grand cru of bread baking

A crispy crust, a fluffy, pearly crumb and a distinct aroma … Pain Paillasse® releases no less than 80 different flavours to delight your palate. It owes its rustic appearance to the artisan method of baking. Just like there are grand crus of wine, Pain Paillasse® is a grand cru of bread baking.

The power of rest

Did you know that our Pain Paillasse® is made using a pre- ferment, which is left to ferment for 48 hours to allow the unique aroma to slowly and naturally unfold?

Classic varieties

Great breads

  • Pain Paillasse® light
  • Pain Paillasse® dark (photo)
  • Pain Paillasse® rustic
  • Pain Paillasse® nut
  • Various seasonal Paillasse®

Small loaves

  • Paillasse® dark roll
  • Snack roll


  • Paillasse® ham (CH)
  • Paillasse® salami (CH)
  • Paillasse® nut Gruyère
  • Paillasse® tuna
  • Paillasse® tomato and mozzarella
  • Paillasse® chicken and bacon (CH)

We reserve the right to make alterations.


The Pain Paillasse® marathon

The Pain Paillasse® marathon was developed as a high-quality bread for boosting endurance and stamina.

Knowing the importance of a wholesome diet in the weeks leading up to a run, marathon runner Matthias Bachmann developed the Pain Paillasse® marathon, which he sells in co-operation with the organiser of the Swiss City Marathon – and with great success! As Matthias Bachmann says: “The body needs energy to gain strength and to be able to perform well. Nutrition is just as important as training for a marathon run-ner. Endurance and stamina require a great deal of energy. The amount of energy available for such a competition depends on nutritional intake, as this determines the quality and amount of ‘fuel’ supplied. The most important source of energy found in food is carbohydrates, which are stored in the form of gly-cogen in the body. The best form of fuel available for boost-ing endurance and stamina is glycogen – of which bread is a key source.” The Pain Paillasse® marathon is part of Matthias Bachmann’s nutritional profile for competing in three to four marathons per year. As the dough is left to rest for longer, the bread is easy to digest and, incidentally, just as tasty as its fel-low Pain Paillasse® family members. What makes this bread so special is the added dried fruit and hazelnuts, which provide a rich source of vitamins and minerals. These are also key nu-tritional elements for a marathon runner. The special bread obviously has a motivating effect, as management members Raphael Bachmann, Jacqueline Di Marco and Daniel Weber are all keen marathon runners.

Give in to temptation

Thanks to the many different flavours of Pain Paillasse®, endless variations are possible:

Pain Paillasse® nut (year round) 
A superb accompaniment to cheese.

Pain Paillasse® olive (January – August) 
The Mediterranean version.

Pain Paillasse® pumpkin (September – December)
Simply delicious with soup and salad on chilly days.

Range subject to change.