Strengthened water

Gold seedlings and strengthened water are the secrets to healthy bread – for natural comes naturally to Bachmann.

Strengthened, revitalised water

Besides flour, water is the main raw material of every baker. Very hard or very soft water can affect the dough in different ways. Water that has been revitalised according to the GRANDER® method shortly before extraction has an altogether different – but positive – effect. Thanks to GRANDER® technology, the water regains its “vitality” and is returned to its natural state. The result is pure, natural water with a spring-like character ( A vivid illustration of this positive state of energy can be seen in the photos below.

We use exclusively strengthened, revitalised water for our loaves and rolls, which positively enhances the flavour, vital-ity and long-lasting freshness of our bread. Bachmann bread – added value for added well-being.