Ultratourmonterosa 100km UTMR

UTMR 100km

You start running with gentle forest trails alongside the wasserleitungen before a sharp descent to St Niklaus. From here you climb to the delightful hamlet of Jungen and the höhenweg takes you high above the valley floor towards the Rhone valley. You pass through two delightful traditional Walliser villages of Törbel and Zeneggen before a sharp descent to cross the Vispa river. A long climb through Visperterminen to the Gibidumpass puts you right onto the magnificent Gsponer Höhenweg. A mixture of ancient pine forests, with rich alpine flora, and rocky sections leads you south towards Kreuzboden and the Weissmieshütte from where a beautifully panoramic trail takes you to Almagelleralp. With a gentle descent to Saas Almagell and a rising trail to Saas Fee you cross to the other side of the Saastal. Now the Balfrin Höhenweg leads you from Saas Fee to Hannigalp, it is never really technical or exposed, but if you are not accustomed to thin alpine trails this will require concentration in places. One last descent through pine forests and we’ll be waiting for you in the Dorfplatz in Grächen.

This is alpine terrain, with some long wild sections, and you must be able to look after yourself in all conditions.

Bold, beautiful and brutal. Still wild, still challenging – good luck and have a great race!