UTMB 2022

UTMB 170km 2022

The UTMB Ultramarathon is the world's most famous race over 170 km and 10,000 meters in altitude. It was my big dream and goal to start there with the world elite. Only 2/3 of the runners reached the finish.

For this moment I went through the obligatory multi-year qualification process, collected the required UTMB points and experience as well as the conviction that I could somehow master the demanding route. For this I trained for years, suffered, planned and hoped to be able to push my inner limits with my faith. Racing an ultra-endurance event is an extreme experience, and is always a walk on the edge.

The route goes around Mont Blanc and runs through France, Italy and Switzerland. I ran two nights straight and it took me 41h24 to finish. 2,627 runners took part, 1/3 dropped out on the course, which says a lot about the toughness of this run. It was an incredible, exclusive and unique race with lots of emotions. On this long trail, desire and will must be greater than exhaustion, tiredness and pain. Thanks to all the helpers who make this spectacle possible.

Dream it, plan it, do it.